Seshnelan Crusade Campaign Frame

by Charlie

I’ve been recently working on a new campaign set in Glorantha, centered around four Seshnelan knights going into exile with Rikard the Tiger Hearted in his search for the fabled city of Malkonwal. My hope is that this will be a regular and long-running game, as opposed to my previous attempts in Glorantha.

What follows is my initial attempt to formulate a general outline for what I envision the campaign to involve: primarily warfare, politics, and land management. We will see how cooperative my players are and how interested they are in the various sections of the campaign to be.

Also included is a relationship diagram for Rikard’s army which outlines the four “battalions” constituting it, listing their lords, captains, and wizards. My intention is for this to help drive the political side of the campaign, allowing the insertion of new characters and displaying graphically the interconnection between the many different party groups.

Campaign Outline Relationship Diagram v2