This is my blog for all my gaming activities and interests. Welcome!

The primary subject of this blog is Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha and the games, campaigns, stories, and thoughts I have in association with it. Currently the focus is on adapting Steve Jackson’s GURPS to play a realistic mytho-magical campaign set in the Orlanthi region of Dragon Pass. With the upcoming release of Chaosium’s Runequest, that effort might be abandoned, but it is at the least a stimulating intellectual exercise. I hope that this might also be a useful resource for anyone else out there who shares a liking for GURPS and Glorantha even if my adaptation never reaches completion.

The name of the blog derives from Malkioni philosophy, in which the history (past and future) of the world is divided into various Actions of Makan. The Sixth Action is the end of this material world of illusion and the reunion of Mankind into the sublime All. It is their name for the Hero Wars, which form the primary subject of Gloranthan authorship and of my own campaigns.